Lourdes Contreras

Ph.D. Candidate, Italian Studies

Fontaine Fellow

Will 536

Lourdes Contreras holds a B.A summa cum laude from DePaul University (2020), where she completed a double major in Italian and Political Science.

As part of her Italian Studies program, she focused on Moderata Fonte’s Il merito delle donne and studied the development of female companionship and Castiglione’s notion of sprezzatura during the Italian Renaissance. Throughout her Political Science studies, she concentrated on Machiavellian understandings of classic realism within international politics as well as the ways in which neoliberalism affects national identities and politics. Her work in both Italian studies and Political Science helped her cultivate an interest in literatures of migration in both Italy and the U.S. which also inspired her study of the intersections between the modern Italian political and cultural identity and Italy’s gastronomic history. During her time at DePaul she was an Italian tutor at DePaul’s language lab and a teaching assistant at Insieme a Chicago, an Italian language elementary school. In collaboration with DePaul’s Italian Department and the Italian Trade Agency in Chicago, as an intern, she created state profiles and worked with the Trade Agency’s publishing task force to update and edit their Italbooks website.


Her main research interests include Women and Gender Studies, translation, the future and development of language in global contexts, media and cinema studies and Italian Renaissance studies.



Creating Knowledge Undergraduate Scholarship Journal 2018: Un Mondo Buono: Lingua, Retorica, e Ideologia Della Campagna Pubblicitaria Dei Prodotti da Forno Mulino Bianco 2012-2016, Fra Noi Magazine (July 2019): Il Coraggio D’Imparare

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