Massimiliano Lorenzon

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Ph.D. Candidate, Italian Studies

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I hold a B.A. in Storia, an M.A. in Storia dal medioevo all'età contemporanea, and a B.A. in Lettere (cum laude). I received these degrees from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice. I also hold an M.A. in Italian Studies from Florida State University. At Ca’ Foscari, I wrote three degree theses, two of which are biographies. One concerns Isidor of Kiev. The second discussed the Ostrogoth king Totila. The third thesis is a literary comparison of the autobiographical works of Lorenzo Da Ponte.     

At Florida State University, I focused my research on Dante and on the Renaissance.

My research interests include Dante studies; history, literature and philosophy of the Renaissance; Baroque literature; women’s writing. 

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Mon. 2-3pm; Tues. 12-1pm