Italian Studies Resources (Grads)

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Campus Policies

University Telephone Numbers

  • Main Office of the Department of Romance Languages: 215-898-7429
  • Graduate Coordinator of the Department of Romance Languages: 215-898-1980
  • Graduate Division of Arts and Sciences: 215-898-7444
  • Student Health Service, appointments: 215-662-2853
  • Student Health Service, Office of Insurance: 215-573-3523 or -3524
  • Student Financial Services: 215-898-1988
  • Registrar's Office: 215-898-6636
  • University Police: 511 (from on-campus phones); 215-573-3333 (from off-campus phones)

Van Pelt Library Research and Instructional Services Department

Reference Desk: 215-898-7556
Administrative Office: 215-898-8118

[to be updated] Stephen Lehmann, Bibliographer for French and Italian

Collections development information for Italian: