SAT II Placement Scale

Score Placement


Students who have taken the S.A.T.II exam prior to the beginning of their first semester at Penn may use that score to place them in the proper level:

Under 380: Italian 0100

380 - 440: Italian 0200

450 - 540: Italian 0300

550 - 640: Italian 0400

650 and above: Exempt

Exemption with oral interview

Students with a score between 600 and 640 are eligible to take an oral in order to fulfill the language requirement.

  • The oral for incoming students with a score between 600 and 640 is only administered during the first two weeks of the semester.
  • You must sign up with the Language Program Director for an appointment.
  • Students wishing to sign up for the oral should bring verification of their score to Williams 515.