Silvia Carlorosi

Visiting Assistant Professor, Fordham University

Silvia Carlorosi received a Laurea in Lingue e Letterature Straniere from the University of Urbino, Italy, an M.A. in Mass Communications at Miami University of Ohio (May 2001), and a Ph.D. in Italian at the University of Pennsylvania (August 2006). She wrote her dissertation, "Cinepoiesis:  The Visual Poetics of Pier Paolo Pasolini, Michelangelo Antonioni and Franco Piavoli," on the interaction between cinema and poetry. Departing from an analysis of Pasolini's idea of "cinema of poetry," her work considers how this poetic form differs from a cinema of prose, and evaluates the ideas of the image and the gaze. Within this framework the dissertation offers an analysis of Pasolini's Mamma Roma, Michelangelo Antonioni's Deserto Rosso, and Franco Piavoli's cinema of sounds and images. She is currently working as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Middlebury College, where she teaches courses in language, literature and culture. Her interests include 20th century Italian literature and film, cultural studies, literary theory and philosophy, and teaching pedagogy. She has published articles on Italian cinema, and is currently working on transforming her dissertation into a manuscript. She is also collaborating on the publication of an advanced intermediate textbook for Italian language and culture. The project, Confronti: A Textbook for Intermediate Italian, includes a web-based cross-cultural exchange between American students of Italian and Italian students of English. The following articles are amongst her publications: "Politicizzazione dell'Estetica o Estetizzazione della Politica? 1860 di Alessandro Blasetti" in Italian Culture, Vol. 18, 2, 2000. 87-104; "Neo-Romanticismo in risposta al Postmodernismo?  L'influenza leopardiana nella poetica cinematografica felliniana di La voce della luna" in Film e Letterature: Rivista di Cinema e Letteratura. (Number 4, 2006)