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Harrison College House

Harrison College House sponsors evenings of Italian Cinema, dinner and informal talks with Italian faculty, and conversation with campus visitors from Italy in various fields such as medicine and business, as well as other specially planned events, such as excursions to the Italian Market, the opera, and cooking instruction. This close-knit community is open to members from all four class years, and graduate students often attend the events. Both beginners and those with considerable language fluency are welcome; dedicated participants often show great improvement in their fluency skills.

Harrison College House hosts Il cenacolo italiano, giving undergraduates an opportunity to meet and speak Italian outside the classroom.

The Center for Italian Studies

The Center's projects, intended to foster interdisciplinary perspectives, range from encouraging teaching on Italian topics and the funding of research abroad in Italian Studies, to sponsoring special events such as guest lectures, readings by Italian and Italian-American writers, musical performances, and international conferences. Through the endowed Salvatori Research Fund, the Center is able to subvene publication of its conference proceedings as well as assist in financing faculty and graduate students for research trips to Italy. The Amici Prize, funded by the Friends of the Center for Italian Studies, supports undergraduate research in Italy. The Vittorini Prizes, awarded under the Center's auspices by the America-Italy Society of Philadelphia, honor outstanding achievement by undergraduates in Italian at Penn.

L’officina italiana

L’officina italiana offers undergraduates in the second year of language study and beyond help to improve their writing in Italian.

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